Classes & Workshops

Weekly Women’s Meditation

Group meditations can help everyone feel more connected to each other on a deeper, more meaningful, level and help renew a sense of belonging.


Host a Home Meditation Session

Help your friends feel more comfortable by hosting a group meditation session in your own home. Bringing people together for a higher purpose is one of the most rewarding things you can do for them, and for yourself.


Attend a class or workshop

“Power Tools for the Soul” - Join usand find ways you can connect with your soul, minimize fatigue, and feed your energy.

“Intro to Meditation”  - Create a regular meditation practice and train your brain to focus, reduces your stress, and stay in touch with your own intuition.

“Intro to Feng Shui and Spiritual De-Cluttering”  -  Learn about the significant relationship you have with your space and how shifting its energy can positively affect your life.

Please check for scheduled dates and times.


Being present means removing the anxiety of what might happen in the future.